Carter Advantage™ Financial Planning

Financial planning helps you define what you really want out of life, and it charts the course to get there. That’s where a partner in the journey is so valuable. Our time-tested formula starts with a customized financial plan.


Your plan begins with your planner listening to your needs and wishes, your concerns and values, your fears and beliefs.

Plan Design

Our team of financial planners will sculpt your vision into a thoughtful and strategic plan. With the big picture in mind, we work to isolate your financial risks and maximize opportunities.


Your plan is anything but static. Our financial planners will include well-informed recommendations and guidance based on your needs. We also monitor ongoing external influences such as tax rules, legislation, and economic and market shifts, to ensure that your plan stays in line with market realities.

Periodic Reviews and Proactive Adjustments

Potential adjustments to your life and your financial plan may be identified during your periodic reviews. Your advisor will be proactive in alerting you of opportunities to realign as your needs change.

What’s Addressed in a Plan?

Cash flow

Wills, trusts, & deeds

College funding

Estate planning

Insurance risk management

Investment management

Real estate

Retirement planning

Stock options


✓ Risk tolerance

✓ Family dynamics

Goal setting

…and more

Comprehensive Planning

Carter Advantage™ financial plans examine all aspects of your financial life, from wealth accumulation to disposition, and everything in-between.

Carter Financial planning and management process.